Ultrabeam Motor testing

UB20-Mx motor testing

UB20-Mx motor testing

Finally the Ultrabeam UB20-Mx has arrived. It was a heavy box to lug in from the car. I dont have much space in the garage so its a bit of a tight squeeze with the box and my desk/shack but I have managed to check the contents and I think it is all there. Its night time right now and its raining hard outside so no chance of going outside to do anything but I wanted to at least make a start on it as the XYL is out and the kids are asleep.

So I thought about testing the motor units and here they are, all working, in the small confines of the sun room. Now I just need to figure out how to get the control cable out of the garage and out to the mast and I also need to get e hot air gun for sealing the joints on the elements.

Will get some more pictures of the build as I go along.




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