GR0MGM – Special call for Royal Wedding

Due to the Royal Wedding station in the UK have been able to register for a special callsign to operate from the 19th May until the 21st May 2018, I decided to get one to see what I could do.

I managed to get a couple of hours free this afternoon and thought I would get on 17m and have a go at running. OK I have been doing a bit of running on the CWOps CWTs and that is fun and a bit of a rush, but 17m was fun and made about 40 QSOs in about 30 mins. I took a bit of a break and then went onto 20m and I can honestly say I have no idea what I did.. Up to this point in my CW journey the only time I has heard a wall of tone on CW was on Morse Runner.. I now had my own pileup on 20m with about 10-15 callers and it lasted for about 10-15 minutes at that pace. What a RUSH! I am so thankfull to my CW Academy advisers for getting me to this stage.

Its been very good fun. Still have another 2 days until the NOV runs out!.

See you in the pile!


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