Hello and welcome to the website of Radio Amateur G0MGM.


I have been QRT since 1994 and re-discovered this wonderful hobby in 2011.

I mainly operate remotely when I find the time using TeamViewer and my SDR. For this reason I operate mainly on digital modes and some SSB.

G0MGM Shack

G0MGM Shack

The above picture is a view of my rebuilt shack.

My radio front panel..

My radio front panel..


You will normally find me operating on Olivia 32/1000, RTTY, JT65, JT9, ROS 32/1000, CW and WSPR modes and sometimes a bit of SSB.

I discovered wonderful mode Olivia a couple of years ago and have made some friends on there. It is a great mode for rag chewing with near 100% copy. If the station is not doing WSPR I will normally leave it monitoring 14.106 for any Olivia 32/1000 traffic.

I have completed my second mixed DXCC as I completed my first one back in 1994. I have recently completed my three DXCC, Phone, Digital and CW.

I have recently set up N1MM contest software and really getting into contesting with my modest little station, I am particularly interested in RTTY contests and will be starting to do a few CW contesting the hope of improving my CW skills.

You can find the current weather conditions through my weather page and what I have been to recently on APRS.fi node.


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