Recent Activities

So I have not posted for some time, family life has been busy and work has also been keeping me away from being able to play. So what have I been up to?

Since my last post on the new kit I have been enjoying using the Flex 6600M, its a great radio for CW, quiet diode keying so now all is quiet in the shack. I loved the Anan 8000 DLE but the relays were getting to me and also the software had some great functions but I have got to the stage where I want the radio to work and not be tinkering with the settings all the time, so all in all very pleased with the Flex.

I have been improving my CW and I’m much more comfortable running in contests. A few weeks ago in the new session of the 80m Club Contests I ran for the whole 1.5hrs and make close to 140 contacts. I was very pleased with that and it seems to have helped me over the nervousness of running.

Also something I have been trying recently is tracking the LEO satellites with my 2m beam using my RTL Dongle, so far great success, so I will be getting a couple of X-Quad antennas and elevating then to abt 20deg and just using my Az rotator to have some fun on the FM and SSB birds, so once I have that set up I will post about it.

OK until the next time.



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