MT63 Digital Mode

A few nights ago I was monitoring 14.072-14.076 MHz, a usual hangout where you can hear various datamodes including Feld Hell and Olivia. I then heard a signal I did not recognise but luckily the station was using RXID, which DM780 decoded and started decoding MT63/500.


The station calling CQ was Tony, K2MO from New York. I then had a very pleasant QSO with him and this was my first on MT63. This mode is very good to high noise environments and its very rugged, giving 100% print. Tony has been making lots of videos on the various datamodes he operates and his Youtube channel is well worth a visit. Whilst we were chatting he was recording our QSO for his latest one on MT63. You can find it here.


Give datamodes a try and if you are wanting a good mode for rag chewing then I would highly recommend MT63 and Olivia.


And thanks Tony for the QSO and the all time new mode!




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