Cricket World Cup – GB19 Special Event Station

At the time of writing the Cricket World Cup is underway here in the UK. And to help celebrate/promote this event on the airwaves the RSGB has setup 21 or so Special Event Stations for members of the RSGB Contest Club to Operate. So far we have managed to get over 140000 QSOs on various bands.

I was lucky enough to be allocated GB19NZ on the evening of the 10th June so I did my best through out the evening. It started slow on 20m as conditions were not great with a few CW contacts, then moved to 30m CW and a few more. I then moved to 40m as I saw a number of other GB19 stations operating there and this is when I had my shock!

It was a pleasant shock. I am now used to running a CW station as I have been doing this for about a year or so in the various CW Ops CWTs and various other CW contests but I have never been ‘at the other end of the pile’ before.

It was the first time I have had to run split on a CW Pile and wow, that is a buzz. It took me some time to get used to tuning and running N1MM+ but once I got the hang of it I think I did an good job as my first time. And with the Flex 6600M it was a breeze to switch to split and tune. It was such good fun that I am doing another slot soon, so on 23rd June 1800-2359 I will be running GB19SA.

I thoroughly recommend you try it!



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