Portable 3 Band EFHW antenna

QRPGuys Portable No Tune Antenna Kit

So finally the UK has been granted some nice weather, so I took the opportunity to try to finish making and tune the 3 Band EFHW that I have made to go with the MTR5B  cw only Trx. I got the idea from reading Michael G0POT’s blog and attending his SOTA presentation at last years RSGB Convention. I went a slightly different route to Michael, I bought one of the QRP-Guys Portable No Tune 80-10m antenna kit and started from there. I have found their website to be very good for little kits and it didn’t take long for the kit to arrive from the US. This is a 1:50 unun kit and then you add your own wire for the antenna.


Portable 3 Band EFHW

Then as in my previous post I ordered the Pico traps from Sotabeams so all I needed was the wire which I already had. So here is the completed antenna on my shack desk showing the traps and the 1:50 unun.






And here are the antenna Analyzer plots for the three bands, 20m is a little higher that the other bands but it should be OK as long as I keep the feed point about 0.5m above the ground.

20m Plot

30m Plot

40m Plot

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