Sotabeams Pico Traps

So since getting the little MTR 5B, I was thinking what antenna to use with it. I have the Sotabeam 40-30-20m linked dipole which works very well, but takes a nit longer to put up. I have been using a PackTenna Mini which is a 29ft end fed with  my Kx2 and its easy and quick to put up and works well. At last years  RSGB Convention I went to Michael, G0POT’s SOTA presentation. It was the first time I had seen an MTR radio and he has his home brew trapped multi-band Half Wave End Fed

So I have decided to make my own as I link the idea of how light it is and also how easy it will be to put up. Here I have made the 20m trap on the right hand side and have just wound the 30m coil in readiness to solder it to the main board. This was also the very first time of doing any SMD, I was very surprised just how small those capacitors were!

Now looking for some good weather to be able to be able to go out and tune the antenna.





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