CW Improving

My friend Andrew, G0RVM, and I have been trying for some time to get a regular Sked going on HF. He lives in Bristol and I live near London and on most bands it has always been a bit difficult to do as we are either too close for skip of to far for groundwave. I think we may have found the right balance of using CW on 80m. My 80m antenna is an HF6V vertical so not great for inter UK comms.


He has been doing CW for a long time as he has his professional maritime radio license but is a bit rusty. I have just finished my CWA Level 3 class so I thought it would be a good idea for both of us to get some practice in. On tuesday evening we got on for the second time and this time we managed a very nice long QSO, nearly an hour. A few mistakes were made as we were both getting tired but it was good fun. So will certainly be continuing this to keep the practice.



CWOps 1771

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