Not had much time post updates on here recently. Been busy and still spending time learning CW.

I have tried to get out and do some portable CW with the KX2 and a recent purchase of a Packtenna Mini, which on its first outing performed very well, three QSOs into OM, DL and SP using 5w. On the equipment side I have upgraded my main station Trx, the Anan100D was traded in for the Anan 8000DLE. This is a bit of a beast of a radio but it feels like another step up from the 100D which I thought was not possible. I have been running the new version of software, Protocol 2 or Thetis and It is working very well.

On the DStar side I downloaded the new PiStar Image for the Rpi and DVAP. Installation was very easy but I need to play with it some more.

Will post back some more updates soon.



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