CW is a fascinating mode. Since the end of my CWA Level 2 course I have been operating 99% CW.. I never thought I would get so interested in it. I have been reading and researching lots of different sites about operating CW QRP and finding out what the best antennas are. There are a miriads of website about this subject.

I have been joining in with the CWOps CWT mini contests every week and enjoying them very much. I have been joining in as a QRP station on the 1300z ones and High Power during the 1900z contest. During the lunch time ones Im at work and I have resurrected my Little Tarheel II screwdriver antenna on the car. I have managed to work into the east coast and so far as far as NC on 5w of CW. Im really impressed considering the earth bonding straps for the doors in the car need checking out.

I have also been trying out my Alex loop so this is a shop of my little portable setup in my back garden, unfortunately this was done this past weekend when there was a big solar storm so only a few contacts but the RBN (Reverse Beacon Network) spotted me around Europe.

QRP Alex Loop setup in back garden.

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