CW Ops Update

Last year I applied to CWOps to take part in their CW Academy program. In September and October I took part in the CW Academy Part 1 course and had a great instructor, Phil G4NVR. This was a very good course and got me going once again in my CW learning path. Then I took part in the CW Academy Part 2 course in January and February, again two very good instructors took part, Phil G4NVR and Keith G0HKC. During this course I was lucky enough to be nominated by Phil to become a member of CW Ops. I am now member #1771.


2 thoughts on “CW Ops Update

  1. Hi Rob,

    I have enjoyed poking around your website – very nice. Congratulations on your success with CW!

    Condx have been just awful for Olivia on 20m but I do still make a few contacts. We are looking forward to seeing you this summer if it works out. 73, Jim

    1. HI Jim

      Not had much chance to update it lately, but glad you could take a look. Yes condx are not great, hope to be able to come on on friday and we can try to have a chat.

      Looking forward to seeing you both also.


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