Working FM Satellites

G0MGM Portable Satellite setup

G0MGM Portable Satellite setup

Earlier this year, we started having an extension built to our house, that meant that I had to pack up all my radio equipment and take my radio shack appart. I was wondering what I was going to do for radio fun in the mean time and I thought about working some of the FM satellites with a portable antenna. So far I have tried to work SO-50 and AO85. I am using my ID51E, and althought not full-duplex it works fine on SO-50 but at 5w its not enough power for AO-85. I have managed to work AO-85 by using my ID5100 in my car and about 15w.

Recently I was trying SO-50 and I managed to work a portable station in Luxemburg, HolgerĀ LX6/DO2SYD/p, and it was a nice surprise to get an email from him including the video he made of the contact. Its very good to hear and see what the other end of the link is like, so thanks Holger for your video.


73 Rob

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