I managed to get some time over the weekend to take part in the CQ WPX RTTY contest. I’m not a full on contester I do find it fun to take part and give away some points for the more serious stations out there. It is also very nice to be able to get all of the station working together.


This was the first time I have managed to get the normal contest setup of N1MM+, OpenHPSDR and DDUtil all working together with the new beam and antenna controller. It was an interesting experience and which made me think I was doing well with the vertical. It will take me sometime to get used to the fact of having to turn the antenna to work a station but I have to say that the 180 degree feature on the Ultrabeam is a life saver. If I suddenly hear a station off the back of the beam it is so nice being able to just hit the button and I’m beaming in that direction. Sure saves on having to turn the beam around.


I didn’t make all that many contacts but I always try to go for multipliers to make the scores up, 10m and 15m were open so it was really nice to get the most of the beam on those bands.


So I encourage you to give it a go, even if it is for just a few hours and to submit your logs, even if you don’t get the highest ever score, they can be used as check logs for the contest.


73 and will post some more news soon.



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