Intel Stick PC

Intel stick PC

I have been tinkering with a Raspberry Pi for some time trying to get it working with my Aercus WS3083 weather station. This weather station is the one that provides the data and webpages for this QTH. I have not had much luck with the linux versions of  weather station software. Then I saw something on TV about Stick PCs and thought it would be perfect. They run Windows which Im more OK on than Linux and they dont cost much more than a RPI.

I found this small Intel Compute Stick for £69 inc shipping and thought it was a bargain. So now I dont have to have the weather station running off a big PC just to ftp the webpages info onto the website. The next step is to attach it to the back of the Weather Station and it can be located anywhere in the house as it has build in Wi-Fi and it can be run headless on just 5v.





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