OpenHPSDR PureSignal

I thought I would do a quick post on PureSignal, this is part of the OpenHPSDR software which allows the user to produce a clean transmitted signal on SSB. More information on PureSignal can be found here.

I had been having a few issues with it not working on my Anan and after a few posts on the usergroup it looked like I was getting RFi into the radio which was causing the problems. One of the replies I got mentioned terminating any of the unused BNC ports on the back of the radio. I am still kicking myself for not having thought of that before as we do it at work of certain bits of kit! Anyway I got some 50Ohm terms and it cured the problem. So now my two tone tests and audio tests look good.


PureSignal On.

PureSignal On.













There is a very good video of how to set up PureSignal on the Anans from Nige G7CNF on Youtube.




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