Antenna Mast View

As a bit of fun I borrowed a little camera from a friend and attached it to the top of the mast. I was curius to see what the view would be from up there. The video starts  with the view to the north and then goes clockwise all the way round 360 degrees back to north. Then on the return journey I stop at 270, 180, 90 and then 0 degrees.





4 thoughts on “Antenna Mast View

    1. I have seen other people do photos of the different heading but have not seen a video, so I thought that would be interesting. I borrowed a small camera from a friend and put it at the top. I was quite surprised how well it worked.

  1. a really fantastic view, no mountains in front hi, radio must work vy well dxing.
    I lost you, will shurly not happen with the new antenna.
    73 de Gion

    1. Yes quite lucky to be on the side of the hill and a good take off from north, round to the west and on round to the south east almost. So looking forward to the new beam when it arrives!

      Good to chat again Gion and shame conditions were not better. Until next time.

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