VHF Powabeam 7 element beam

Mast with 7 ele Powabeam

Mast with 7 ele Powabeam


This weekend we were lucky to get some good weather, as can be seen from the blue skies!

I had received the new 2m 7 element beam from Powabeam from The DX Shop and had the oppotunity to install it. I went for a two piece boom so if I want to I could always use it as a portable antenna.

The build took just over 15mins to complete so it was easy to put up. It comes pre-tuned to 144.300MHz and a quick check with the MiniVNA it showed it was on frequency. I have installed it about a foot below the 2m/70cm vertical and so far I have been able to receive the GB3VHF beacon running JT65A and also a very week but audible GB3MCB in St Austell, Cornwall. This is with the mast retracted.


Now awaiting to the Ultrabeam to arrive.






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